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When it comes to setting up your accounting solution, you want to know what you're getting, what it's going to cost and when it will be delivered.  We've listened and so, we've done all the hard work for you by developing our Fixed Scope setup packages that our Partners adhere to, so you can get up and running affordably in a flash.  Imagine all the time and money you can save to reinvest into running your business to make money and grow.

What our Partners have said

"We have been able to adopt their FLASH setup methodology which allowed us to setup Lite Edition in a day, Standard Edition from 8 days, and Premium Edition in under a month."
Paul Soliman - XCeler8

What our Customers have said

  "We saved money in the first year setting up Financials.  We got more functionality, better reporting, and when it gets upgraded we don't even know it has happened.  It just works.  Before, upgrading our (on-premise) system took ten to fifteen thousand dollars to do which is why we never upgraded for so long.  We still talk about how simple the setup was today".
Sally Donnelly - Starlight Foundation



How it Works in 3 Steps

Step 1.  Choose one or more Fixed Scope setup packages that's right for you.
The pre-requisite for all modules is the Finance module.
Read more about the Packages Time
 Finance 8 Days
 Distribution 3.5 Days
 Job & Projects Costing 3.5 Days 
 Service Management 3.5 Days
 Manufacturing (Requires Finance + Distribution) 4.25 Days

Step 2.  Get a Partner to quote you on their daily rate x total number of days required above = your total fixed scope cost. Simple.

Step 3. Get your accounting software ready to go and get on with your business.

Note - Our Fixed Scope setup packages are designed to be used for the Standard Edition with 'out-of-the-box' functionality. 

Ongoing Support

Now that you're using your powerful software, we highly recommend getting an ongoing support agreement with your Partner.  They will know your business best.  That way if you have a request, you can pick up the phone and call them.

However, we do provide FREE web-based support with a 48 hour turn around time. Available for Lite and Standard Edition customers only.  

Need minor tuition on the go, check out our How to training videos.

Want to know more about the setup?  Visit our Help Hub.

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