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5 Tips for Financials 365 Interns

Ever hear of the saying “The most successful companies are the ones with the happiest employees”? This is the perfect description for Financials 365. Starting from the open working space that supports collaboration between the team, our new office also has a ‘Garden Corner’ that serves as our recreational, chill out and quick breakout meeting space. Our recently built ‘Garden Corner’ is equipped with a bench, sofa, games, potted plants and even a fish pond- a place where we enjoy having friendly games or blow off some steam between tasks. None of this could have happened without such a great group of people.

While employees in other companies may be quick to pick on mistakes and correct others, everyone in Financials 365 never fails to acknowledge good initiative, great work and going the extra mile for others. Compliments are being exchanged daily or during meetings, no matter how big or small it is. A regular “thank you”, “good job” and Joel’s “Thank you for your help today, I really appreciate it” at the end of the day definitely goes a long way in inspiring and motivating the team.

Despite such a supportive, fun and engaging culture, it could still be a difficult task to make the right impression during your internship period- no matter whether this is your first, second or fifth time being an intern. These are 5 tips that I learnt throughout my 6 weeks of interning to maximise your learning, experience and enjoyment.

15710-200.png Ask, ask, ask

You don’t have to fear looking lost and afraid of bothering your colleague. Take advantage of the fact that you are an intern- no one is trying to compete with you. Instead, they are trying to teach you. Especially with Financials 365s’ learning culture, you can ask anyone for help. Whether it is a technical issue or asking for feedback, do not be afraid to ask. Of course, the first step is to be resourceful. As a university student, we know where to look for information. By finding the answer yourself, you allow yourself to learn and grow. I found that the most important question to ask is ‘What do I need to improve?’ as your primary goal is to learn.

filing_triple-512.png Organise 

Being an intern in Financials 365 doesn’t mean you are the coffee runner or photocopier- it is far from that. You will be bombarded with a list of things to do and it is easy to feel overwhelmed even before you start. It happened to me a lot as I was tasked to do Partner’s Profiling Interview and it took me a long time to transcribe a 20-minute interview, on top of my weekly tasks such as blog writing and creating social media post. Despite not being the most organised person, I got the hardest task out-of-the-way first thing in the morning as I am the most focus at the start of the day. It is then followed by prioritising the rest of my task for the day based on deadlines.

4-user-icon.png Wear jeans and get your banter ready

Get ready to hear dad jokes being thrown around occasionally, questions about your weekend and lunch invitations. If you see someone wearing jeans, sneakers and t-shirt in Financials 365 office, they are not in the wrong building. This relaxed and casual environment is in line with Financials’ dynamic industry where creativity and innovation is encouraged in the workplace.

engagementhub_storytell_icon-300x300.pngTake In More

Take in more tasks, work, free food, knowledge- everything! A great example for this is that, apart from only taking free food on Wednesday’s Sweet Spot, I regularly take fruits and coffee from the kitchen. Jokes aside, show your initiative by doing more than what is required, say ‘Yes!’ to every and any opportunity given. As an intern in Financials 365, I learnt different skills depending on what projects Financials did at that period.

81214-200.png Define your goals

As much as I dread the Performance Objective task by my university, I find it valuable throughout my internship. When I met Alvin the first time, he asked me ‘’What do you want to learn from this internship?’’ I was honestly lost and gave him the standard answer on how I wanted to learn the marketing process of Financials 365. It might not be wrong but such goals are too general and don’t push you to step out of your comfort zone. With guidance from Alvin, my goals were both challenging yet attainable. Having a clear goal really helped me in guiding, planning and feeling a sense of achievement at the end of my internship journey.

I may only be an intern at Financials 365 for 6 weeks, but I learnt important values, skills and knowledge that would be useful for me and my future career. I hope that these tips are useful for future interns and consider yourself lucky for being placed in such supportive company. Thank you, Financials 365!