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My Internship Experience and Take-aways

 Colourful socks. T-shirts. Denim. Midday drinks. Oktoberfest. Every day is casual Friday.
None of these were what came to mind when someone mentions an internship for my commerce degree.  What I prepared myself for was a formal corporate culture where I was I situated at the very bottom of the food chain and given basic tasks to do for the next 10 weeks. I jumped the gun with my assumptions, I can see that now. The experience I’ve had really has opened my eyes regarding my preconceived ideas.

Situated in a towering structure, conveniently within walking distance to scenic views of the Opera House and Circular Quay. However, it wasn’t the scenery which made my internship here so lovely, but the environment and people whom which I shared it with. I interned for an organisation known as Financials for Office 365, a tech-start up located in Stone & Chalk in Circular Quay, specialising in powerful cloud accounting for small and growing businesses. The past 10 weeks here have exceeded my expectations as I have worked alongside such fun and devoted individuals and couldn’t have asked for a better experience.
As a result of Alvin’s guidance, since Day 1, I’ve been exposed to Google AdWords, programs such as Hootesuite, Canva and had the opportunity to not only dabble in some CRM (Customer Relationship Management) but to create content for the organisation. Though my role has been designated as a marketing intern yet the activities I have been assigned proliferate through to all aspects and divisions. Though at times working and studying 7 days a week was no easy feat, what fun would it have been if it was simple. The internship paired with my studies and jobs, really tested the degree of my flexibility, time management and ability to cope with having everything thrown at me simultaneously. I really feel a sense of accomplishment knowing I survived my first internship and proper exposure in the corporate environment.
A highlight for me personally was the feeling of working with the team as opposed to working for the team. An environment which was inclusive and conducive to learning and networking, really exemplified the type of culture and persona of the organisation, it did more than just motivate me, it made work fun. Throughout my experiences at university and through the people I knew, it has always been a choice between enjoying your work and choosing a notable corporation; from what I knew, it was so unlikely they existed hand in hand. But at Financials I was able to experience what so many marketing students would yearn for in an internship. Working in such a dynamic environment allowed me to learn how to communicate and build upon networks as well as direct exposure to what I could expect to be executing once I enter the industry.


At Financials, I was given a comprehensive look at what marketing would be like, what skills would be beneficial to me- such as flexibility and an eye for detail, and I have been extremely grateful for this opportunity. Though my experience was not what I imagined, it was definitely for the better. I was not left with administrative tasks or coffee runs, rather I felt as though I was treated as a functioning member of the team with my own responsibilities and deadlines.
To everyone on the Financials for Office 365, thank you for your hospitality, kindness and for making my experience as positive as possible. Now more than ever, I will be able to walk away knowing I have been equipped with some of the tools and understanding to move forward in my career and prospects. Thank for your welcoming me into the team for the past 10 weeks and providing me insight and endlessly inspiring me.  

Cindy |   Marketing Intern